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  2. its been awhile..

    WELLP, done with basic training, here in shitsville Virginia. Its not bad, theres the beach and drinking. Oh and lots of block parties. You know the usual. The company im attached to can suck my unexisting dick. Its straight chewed up garbage there. 68H training is long, but its pretty fun not gonna lie. Ive made a lot of good buddies here. But how i miss the west coast. The golden state baby! I could seriously go for some SF trips, In n Out, DLand, snowboarding/surfing, shows at Ace of Spades, or even better, the UNDERGROUND! I miss the summer days/nights in Cali. My mom told me that i car turned to shit, so now im looking into FINALLY getting my baby white jeep <3 EEK! so stoked. Anyways theres more going on, but youll just have to stay tuned.

    XOXO, deSTNC

  3. i love when animals do this with their little booties

    i love when animals do this with their little booties

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  4. me and my future husband #yumm&lt;3

    me and my future husband #yumm<3

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  5. yeeee buddy!

    yeeee buddy!

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